The Iconic Way

Summerhill Orthodontist

Summer Hill Orthodontist

Located at the 75/85 connector, Atlanta’s premier orthodontic office, Iconic Orthodontics, is here to provide a new orthodontic experience and create healthy and captivating smiles.  Iconic Orthodontics is owned by Dr. Brandon S. Morgan, a native of Atlanta. Dr. Morgan and the team know exactly what Atlanta wants and are equipped with the right tools. Iconic Orthodontics is committed to providing the highest level of customer service and treatment outcomes.

What is the Iconic Way?

At Iconic Orthodontics, the needs of our patients; children, teenagers, and adults; drive our operation. Everything from our office design to personalized treatment plans were constructed with the needs and desires of our patients in mind.  Our highly-skilled, friendly, and spirited staff is here to greet and assist you as your smile transforms.  

Each Iconic patient receives an individualized treatment and financial plan at the start of treatment. Whether it is for scheduling appointments or positioning teeth, we are committed to learning and utilizing the most advanced technology to make your experience as proficient and enjoyable as possible. Our culture is progressive, easy, fun, state of the art, and sure to satisfy the desires of every Atlanta Icon like you.

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