Appointment Types

Summerhill Orthodontist


Before we place your braces, we make an initial set of records. We call them initial records. Initial records consist of photographs of your face and teeth, 2 x-rays (panoramic and cephalometric) and a digital model scan. We use your records to finalize your treatment plan and monitor and measure changes as you progress through treatment.

Initial Bonding

Initial placement of your braces and/or appliance, is called an initial bonding. This appointment typically takes 1 to 1.5 hours. An orthodontic assistant places all orthodontic appliances (brackets, appliance, wires, etc.) during this visit.  They also explain how to take care of your appliances, provide an initial set of tools needed to care for your teeth while in braces, and explain your next and future visits.


Adjustment appointments are your follow-up visits. The bulk of your treatment will be performed at these appointments. These visits will be between 20 and 30 minutes in length. We change color ties and wires, repair broken and loose appliances, and incorporate other treatment tools like rubber bands during these visits.


Sometimes, particularly during active play and sports or while eating hard or chewy things, brackets come loose, appliances dislodge and wires break. We refer to these as broken appliances. In order to avoid broken appliances, care and wear instructions should be strictly followed. These occurrences are not emergencies. Orthodontic emergencies occur when pain and discomfort are present. Poking wires or ties are examples of orthodontic emergencies. When emergencies occur, please call our office and schedule an emergency visit to have the discomfort addressed. Emergency visits are typically 5 minutes in length.

You should also call us when things come loose. We will change your next appointment or extend its’ time to accommodate needed repairs. Unfortunately, we will not always be able to perform repairs if we have not been informed of loose appliance prior to scheduled visits.


Debond appointments are the most exciting! Braces are removed at this visit. We use a special instrument to pop your brackets off – and wallah! Your ICONIC SMILE is revealed! After removal of your braces, your teeth are cleaned and polished. This appointment is concluded by taking a final set of records (Photographs, x-rays and a model scan) and delivering your retainers.


After your braces are removed we will check and adjust your retainers during 3 additional visits. They are called retention visits or retainer checks. During retention we make sure unwanted tooth movement is not occurring. These visits will occur at the 3, 9 and 12 month markers. These visits will take five to ten minutes. Be sure to bring your retainers to these appointments.

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