Braces for Children

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Early Treatment

Why wait?

At times, orthodontic treatment is indicated and most appropriate when a patient is very young and still has baby teeth. This treatment is called Interceptive Orthodontics or Phase I treatment.

In accordance with the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), Dr. Morgan recommends that all children visit an orthodontist either when an orthodontic problem first presents or by the age of 7. By 7, important teeth, such as the six-year molars, have erupted and abnormal dental and skeletal development may be detected. Early detection allows orthodontists to provide guidance or initiate corrective procedures that may either completely eliminate future orthodontic problems or prevent current problems from becoming more serious. Ultimately, this may eliminate the possibility of more invasive and complicated treatment.

 Long story short – Some orthodontic problems may be easier to correct if they are found and treated early.


Early orthodontics might involve placement of removable or non-removable orthodontic appliances to; perform minor tooth movements, correct destructive habits like finger or tongue sucking, create space for proper tooth eruption, or guide the growth and positions of the jaws.

Dr. Morgan has a lot of experience working with young patients and strongly supports and believes in pinpointing bad bites early and treating them when appropriate. Contact Iconic Orthodontics to learn more.

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