New Patient Consultation

Summerhill Orthodontist

Ready, Set, Go!

Your journey to an ICONIC SMILE begins at your new patient consultation. Consultations typically last 60 minutes. This provides ample time for you to ask all of your questions and for us to gather the information that we need to construct individualized treatment and financial plans. 

When you arrive, you will be greeted by our new patient coordinator and perhaps, if you choose, a cold or warm beverage from the ICON lounge.  Our patient coordinator will accompany you on a tour of our state-of-the-art facility. You will meet the ICONIC team members; view office technology; and learn more about orthodontics, office policies and the services that we provide. You will also have an opportunity to speak with Dr. Brandon Morgan and explain all of your treatment wants and desires. Our aim is to meet each one of them.

During your examination, we will take two x-rays. Dr. Morgan will then present and discuss treatment goals and options with you.  You will be able to choose which treatment option best fits your needs. Lastly, our patient coordinator will present the cost of treatment, explain insurance benefits if necessary and work with you to formulate the best financial plan possible.

Same Day Braces

Do you want to start today? Of course you can! We try our best to accommodate same-day-starts. However, this does depend on treatment clearance (completion of our dental and periodontal clearance form) by your general dentist, approval of your treatment and financial plans, and available time in our clinical schedule. With all boxes checked, your treatment may begin and one of our skillful technicians will gladly begin placing your appliances.

Your treatment clearance form, along with other new patient forms, should have been provided before your consultation visit. Be sure to complete these forms prior to your consultation in order to ensure an efficient first visit and start.

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